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SD Card on the firmware 0.9

i’m having troubles setting the SCK to save the data to the SD card. when i compile and upload the “sck_beta_v0_8_6_SDCARD”, the data harvested seem to be out of scale:
0 2829.20 1 3117.20 2 41.50 3 51.00 4 0.00 5 102.68 6 4.96 7 0.00 2000-01-01 00:00:02
please, is there any solution to this? how do i set the SCK to write proper data to the SD card?

Hi @janper, I am sorry that you are having troubles setting the SCK to save the data to the SD card. I wonder if you have added a battery for the RTC. Have you!? If not, every time you disconnect the SCK you will lose time. Regarding the data out of scale, you are getting the data in RAW from temperature and humidity sensors. Please take a look to this data sheet so you can find more info about the conversion of signal output: I hope this helps. All the best.

thanks, Aitor,
we have no battery on the board itself. maybe that helps, but there is no instruction on the battery. can you please provide a specification for that? also, how does the SKC know the time when the firmware s only uploaded via the Arduino IDE?
also the sheet you sent seems to be informative, but in fact maybe way too long. would it be possible to get a simple conversion table? having a conversion ratio for each value would be nice. if the dependency is more complex, then having an equation would be nice.

hi @janper: u r welcome! :slight_smile: The RTC battery is a CR1220. Also, you need to program the kit via the Arduino IDE in order to add the time. The SCK gets the time from the system and adds it to the RTC. Regarding the conversion table, I will ask the development team. I will get back to you ASAP. Best.