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SD Card: Specification needs documentation


Yesterday I fired up my old SCK2.,1 (from early 2020).
I had updated the firmware on both SCK and ESP to version 0.9.8.

I noted during the boot phase that there was mention of a problem with the SD Card.

I looked into it, and noted that the card is 4 GB Capacity.

I had a vague recollection of SD Card needing to be 8 GB.
So, I hunted around and found one. I emptied it’s filesystem, then installed it in place of the 4GB card.
I also note that when the SD Card contents are viewed via USB Connection (pressing the reboot button) files are displayed that are not seen when the SD Card is plugged in directly to SD Slot on the MACBook computer. Files that are visible on the MAC are not seen through the USB ‘view’; and files seen on the USB ‘view’ are not seen on the MAC.

I then reset the system. And I found that the message concerning SD Card was gone; instead I see a couple of messages indicating SC card is healthy (including one: ‘SD Card is ready for use’).

I also notice that the various display lines about readings etc now look healthier; thus indicating that a functional SD Card is necessary for the SCK to operate as it should.

My reason for posting this mundane thing is just to say that I searched through all the documentation in the obvious places and found nothing about requirements for SC Card and specifications eg, minimum size, Maximum size; FileSystem format (eg FAT32) number of readings it will store etc. (Yes, its possible I did not look in the right places…).
I do recall @oscgonfer has said somewhere on this forum some information about the SD Card.
I also remember reading that the card can store quite a few months worth of readings; and it is possible to run the SCK entirely without connection to the network and store all of the readings on the SD Card.

My contribution is just a suggestion that a page in the DOCS on the SC Card would be useful to have as a reference; containing the summarised information on SC Card requirements; and how to use it effectively.
Further suggestion that it would be useful if the UI could have a command to ‘View SD Contents’ and ‘(Re)Initialise SD Card’ (eg ‘format’).

Yeah 'I Know’ you need more work to do like a hole in the head; but you know, if you get the chance one day to do these things, it’s a small improvement; so it could be added to the list.