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Seeed : out of stock

I went to order a replacement for the SC board that I smoked.

And I found that both Seeed and Digikey have no stock.

  • Seeed are accepting back orders so I assume fresh stock is on the way.
  • Digikey will accept a back order for 10 at a time. Yeah right!

Let’s hope that Seeed apply better QA this time around; and actually test the things before selling them.

Does anyone else have stock ?

Hi @bryn.parrott ,

Yeah I saw that too. And Seed state “Estimated to ship on 2022-06-18 at the latest”.

I was going to buy a couple more for our project.
Does Seeed manufacture the SCK based on their demand or does SC make the orders?


Smart Citizen and Seeed go back a long way; and there may be contractual arrangements in place between them; however my thoughts went towards getting them made up by someone else.

Why ? Seeed have blotted their copy book in recent times with some poor quality being delivered on the most recent batch: PM Sensors that do not work the same as before; I2S giving trouble on the Noise sensor; CCS811 sensor also problematical. And when they run out of stock like now; it takes them a while to restock. Thats probably not all their fault; as the supply of silicon is still affected by the global chip shortage, so some of it points back at Microchip.
The quantity that Seeed manufacture in one batch is likely affected by the quantity of sales. But I do not know how many are being sold.

The design files are all there on the github repository; I am wondering if its worth the effort to throw them at a few companies that make boards (Like Adafruit; etc) and see what they say.
The thing is; that someone has to front the cost of making a quantity in one batch all up front; then sell them to get the money back. Thats a bit of an ask. What profit margin pays for the cost of capital invested in the stock thats made ?; taking into account those boards discarded due to failed QA checks.

We also do not know what FabLabsBCN are doing in the background; and what stock they hold. For example there are a quantity of kits that are committed to the Minke project.