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Sensing/counting networks

I don’t have the Smart Citizen kit yet, but I note that it provides a count of “networks”. I assume this is a count of detected ssid? Can it provide a count of detected wifi MAC trying to connect? This would be of interest to provide a streaming count of urban crowds.

Hello Stephen,

what do you exactly mean?

  • Number of devices on the same subnet your device is connected?
  • Number of devices attempting to connect to your kit if this is staying as an open Access Point?
We do not offer any of them but we can provide you more information if you give us some more details.

Currently we are measuring the amount of visible wi-fi networks (SSID’s) the kit detects around when it performs an scan, this is what we call Nets. Something similar as you counting the number of Wi-Fi networks on the list your Smart Phone shows you when you look for a Wi-Fi network.