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Sensor data not detected

I am Shwetha, and I have in my possession SCK #1499, named SCK_CWIFI in Bangalore, India. I have upgraded the firmware on the kit and registered it with the platform. I see that the sensor data is not updated correctly.
Meanwhile, I also tried reading the data directly from the serial interface and parameters like temperature, humidity, etc. are set to defaults. The noise levels as picked by the sensors vary a bit - and it can sense the number of wifi hotspots correctly.
Am I missing something here? Do let me know.

hi @shwetha, Thanks a lot for getting in touch and supporting this project. I would tell you to try again the configuration of your kit via the Smart Uploader. You have to be sure to follow correctly all the steps. Read the messages carefully. And, please, do not forget to hit “REGISTER THE KIT” once the configuration process is finished and to re-start you kit in order for the changes/configuration to take effect. Please, let me know if this time it works. Anyway, I can always give you a hand via Skype or Hangout, so we can see your SCK online ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best.

A skype session will be wonderful. Please let me know when can we have it.

What about tomorrow Thursday 25th or Friday 26th!? :slight_smile:

Saw this too late, but thanks, got it working!

No prob! Happy to hear that! Best.