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Sensor not appearing in kits

i lost my sensor 5 months ago and just found it so i factory reset it and set it up, its connect to my internet but it wont show up in my kits so i dont know what to do

@oscgonfer might have better information but here are my suggestions.

You say that you have done a lot of these things including the factory reset and reregistration. So here I’m just confirming that it is completely done. The firmware update might be pertinent to you since there is no guarantee that Seed sent you a kit with latest firmware.

Have you done all of those things described in more detail in the onboarding guide ?

Firstly to confirm that your kit is properly set up on the platform. Broadly, during setup process you visit the website and register your new kit. It gives you a unique identifier code. Do not lose it. They provide a sticky label when you buy your kit; and it’s to record this number and apply it on the sck2 enclosure or direct onto the data board.
It’s needed to provide the linkage between your kit and the platform. It is used like userid and password rolled into one for the kit to log into the platform.

You enter this code when you put your kit into setup mode and enter the code plus your wifi details.Details on how to do it are found in the setup guide.

You can check it at any time. Plug the kit into your laptop via usb. Fire up arduono cc and connect it to the serial port. Press enter. A prompt is sent back SCK>

You can then enter user interface commands (might need a reboot).
Type config at the command prompt. It will give up your wifi details and the “token” which is the same code I mentioned above.

If the config does not have wifi details or token then there is your explanation right there as to why it’s not delivering info to your platform map page.

If you happen to still have the token code then it’s possible to enter those details using the user interface (type help for details).

No token in the configuration and you lost it ? No problemo…
The sky will not fall in. Just go through the process to factory reset your device and re-register it. It’s well documented so I will not go thru it here.

By the way another useful command is ‘version’ it gives up the version of firmware that is installed in your device. It’s great if your kit has version 0.9.8 and not so good if it’s a lower number. The version of scs firmware and esp firmware must match !
There is a guide to update of the firmware also in the docs area. Best to update the firmware BEFORE you re-register your kit.

You should start to see readings from your kit within a few hours. With everything set up correctly is it still not showing your kit data ?
If so then please contact @pral2a1 and someone on the team should help you fairly soon.

As one further thing. A special request: when you have the kit operating please take note of the PM levels reported at the user interface when the kit publishes data every 60 seconds.
Please report what you see here.
(Some people have been having trouble with the PM sensor; we want to learn how widespread is this issue.)

@oscgonfer any more to add ?


Your explanation is very detailed @bryn.parrott .
Nothing to add.