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Smart Citizen and Acrobotic Industries


Dear supporters,

It has recently come to our attention that some customers bought a Smart Citizen Kit from Acrobotic Industries but the products were never received, and no money was returned.

Smart Citizen is a project funded at Fab Lab Barcelona, Spain, and managed uniquely from there. In 2013 we partnered with Acrobotic Industries to launch our Kickstarter campaign as at the time the platform was limited to US companies and soon after they become our US retailers. We want to inform you since 2016 we do not have any affiliation with Acrobotic Industries. Since then the only retail channel has been Fab Lab Barcelona, and from now we are officially distributed by Seeed Studio.

We are sorry if you are one of the customers who bought a Kit from Acrobotic Industries and never received the product. Unfortunately, this is out of our control, and we do not have any legal power to fight against it.

Thank you for all your interest in the project!