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Smart Citizen Chrome App


As you maybe have hear Google has discontinued Chrome App’s. We have been relying on this for you to configure your Kit over USB using your browser for the past 3 years.

Don’t panic! :scream:

You won’t be able to find the extension on the chrome store anymore but you if you visit the kit configuration page for you device you will be directed to the chrome store and you’ll be able to install the app with no problem :grinning:.

The new version of the Kit, the SCK 2.0 we will soon release, doesn’t require this extension anymore, at least for the basic configuration, but we are dedicated to maintain all the Kits around.

Please, post any comments or questions here.

All the best,


Hi, the SIGN IN does not seem to work for the google app at the moment!

Is there another way to connect to a new device? Thanks!


After installing the app, you need to go and start registering a new kit.

The first step will ask you for the kit name and location, and in the second step, you will need to plug your Kit USB and configure the Wi-Fi settings.

If you have already registered a device and you want to configure it, you can go to your profile page.

Then click on the gear icon and select SETUP. That will bring you to the Wi-Fi configuration step directly where you will need to plug your Kit USB and configure the Wi-Fi settings.

Hope this helps!

I have the same problem.

I am logged in (that is why I can post this message), but after using the chrome app, I get redirected to a 404

It seems to be an (updated) chrome issue - try to run an older version of chome, pre 2018 if you can (but make sure it doesn’t auto-update) - and watch out for the lack of security patches …

We’ll look at the issue. We were much focused on the new SCKs and haven’t had time to look at the legacy setup.

Just in case here you have all the documentation

If you need to configure the Kit urgently, you can follow one of the two manual ways.

Hope it helps!