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Smart Citizen Kit suddently stopped publishing


I received an e-mail a couple of hours ago saying that my device has stopped publishing.
This was out of the blue. The device is connected and nothing seems to indicate a problem,
It’s been connected for weeks without any problem.
Lights are blinking as usual slow blue, slow green. So “Collecting data online, battery charged”
Connectivity (wifi) is working fine in the place.

Plus, in the shell I’m getting this:

Temperature: 25.52 C
Humidity: 67.20 %
Battery: 99 %
Light: 8 Lux
Noise dBA: 33.92 dBA
Barometric pressure: 100.64 kPa
VOC Gas CCS811: 30.00 ppb
eCO2 Gas CCS811: 603.00 ppm
Adding PM 1.0 to pending sensor list
Adding PM 2.5 to pending sensor list
Adding PM 10.0 to pending sensor list
Waiting for 3 sensors to finish the reading process
PM 1.0: 1 ug/m3
PM 10.0: 1 ug/m3
PM 2.5: 1 ug/m3

(2021-12-22T03:09:57Z) Readings saved to flash memory.
it’s time to publish
Connecting to Wifi…
ESP on…
ESP finished booting
Synced config with ESP!!
Connecting to Wifi…
Connected to wifi!!
(2021-12-22T03:09:57Z) Sent readings to platform.
Network publish OK!! (11 readings)
ESP off…

Still in the platforms the readings are not showing.
Is this a device problem or could be a platform problem?
And how can I tell which one it is?

Thank you!!

I recommend checking this site when you experience any issues -
On Dec 22 there was a hiccup on API mqtt → http …so maybe that’s why.

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Excellent information!!
Thanks a lot!!