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I have some observations concerning; the web application for displaying of SC observations/readings.

  1. When using Google Chrome on an iPhone 12 Pro Max under iOS 15.0.2:
    I note that the map display does not function correctly. It displays the world map but now the overlay indicating devices in their locations. In addition; it seems not possible to display a gra[h of the data.
    These issues do not occur on a MacBook Pro running Chrome under macOS Monterey

  2. My Location is Taichung, Taiwan. This shows as Taiwan, Province of China. I assume this is because you use a list of countries provided either by EU or UN. The problem is that Taiwan is actually an independent country and has never been a part of modern day Peoples Republic of China; despite their claims. I do not need to go over the history between China and Taiwan. My request is to consider the use of alternate list of countries that has either Taiwan ROC (Republic of China) or simply Taiwan.
    The reference to Taiwan as a province of China is offensive to the 23 million people that live in this independent country; that has its own democratic government; defence force etc.
    I ask you if it is really necessary for you to pander to the desires of China that fly in the face of real, live facts to which I am a witness.

I don’t think, that “Province of China” comes from EU. I think, that EU is fully on the Taiwans side. I assume that this must be from Google or some other company looking only for profit from China… I fully support your observation…

The UN has International Standards organisation (ISO) as one of its satellite organisations. ISO make a list of countries, abbreviation codes that is approved by the UN. Taiwan is not represented on the UN or ISO. So the viewpoint of Mainland China is taken; and China claim that Taiwan is part of it (a province); which flies in the face of facts but it’s not challenged by anyone.

Eu is represented on the UN by its individual member states and adopts ISO standards.

Fablabbcn established in Spain; a member of EU and UN also adopts ISO standard country list probably a requirement of receiving grants from EU.
Furthermore Fablabbcn have established a business relationship with Seeed Studios, based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
BUT, do FablabBCN really need to follow like sheep or can they push back ?

I really doubt, that this is a “requirement of receiving grants from EU”. I live in EU and it doesn’t work like this here…