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Smart Citizen Station


First of all, thanks for the good work, I am using the new smart citizen kit and it seems to work like a charm and I just printed the diy enclosure and It fitted well.

I am quite interested by the most robut version of the project, namely the station: . Is there any timeline for a seeed production? Or is it going to stay more diy/open source as it is? If so how would you recommend to have it made (I live in Belgium)?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @guillaume.slizewicz

We are finishing their testing on the iSCAPE project. We will share the results in our docs. Do you have any ideas of how many units you would need in the mid term?


I think two would be a good start.

have you any news about release date of smart citizen station? Especialy i am interested in Gas Pro board. I living in small town in central region of Czech republic and i have perfect usage for two or tre stations.

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Hi @levy.ondrej

Thanks for your interest!

Not yet, however, we don’t expect to sell it as a product on a short time, and more as full service as data postprocessing still requires our work.

However, we are looking for engaged customers with some technical expertise as this will be the best users for the initial release phase.

We’ll keep you posted!

The latest Smart Citizen Station

Hi @pral2a
thank you for your response. If there is a chance to get involved in the initial phase, I will be happy to help.
The reason why i asking about smart citizen station is that i living in small city where we have several potencial sources of air polution. I would like to more engage local citizens to care abou enviroment. Best way, from my IT point of view, is to provide more data and better insight about air quality situation in our city.