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SmartCitizen API


To integrate (e.g. getting the measurements, …) the new SmartCitizen kit with an own IoT platform is this API still valid?


Hi @guy.dillen

The documentation is entirely valid. The same API end-points there are the ones used by the website.

You can also check the source code of the API and the main front-end here:

Hope it helps!

Does anyone have any good tutorials / examples for noobs for learning how to get sensor data from the API and onto, say, a webpage?

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Hi! is the official documentation but we know it is hard for beginners

We are working on updating with API examples.

At the moment you can have a look at this deliverable (pages 7-10)

The following repository contains the pdf examples.

However, maybe the easiest way to start is by looking at this codepen snippets we created:

First, an easy one:

Then a more complex:

Good luck!

Thank you very much that is great!

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