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SmartCitizenKit experiment in a foldable origami canoe

Dear Colleagues,
I lead a fablab in France and work with an association called KamadStrip.
We have a wonderful project for next july : to go down the longest river inFrance called tthe Loire with a foldable origami canoe Onak ( ). During this trip, the team will have a smartcitizen kit to collect valuable data on environment.
To best prepare the trip, we need your help.

Hi @adelaide,

Your projects sounds amazing!

How can we help you?

Thank you so much @pral2a for your reply.
We have bought a Smart citizen Kit a few months ago. But, unofrtunately, we did not receive it.
Moreover, we need help to prepare this amazing trip. The departure will be on july 7th.

Let me contact SEEED to know the status of your purchase.

I will write you a private message so you can give me your order details


the order : 4 0 0000 6750

Here the answer from SEEED

The order 4000006750 has been shipped on 28th, tracking no. is LX703226648NL via XZ post, which lead time usually 25~30days.