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Status of SCK as a project



I finally revived my sensor, but somehow it doesn’t show as ‘online’ on the map. Then I noticed that there are no ‘Online’ SCK’s at all anymore! None! Anywhere in the world!

Can someone tell me what the status of this project is?
Does it even make sense to keep on hoping that one day my SCK will be useful again?



Hey Dosch,

About issues related to configuration problems please contact with your user name or device name (or device id).

We do not understand where you see there are no kits on-line. You can see the stats here:

last_hour: 31
today: 32
this_month: 65
this_year: 143
all_time: 901

You can check this on the API

You can also see the data from kits around the world coming in realtime on this API example

We do know the number of participants is currently low and our primarily
objective is to push participation and community engagement further. We started the Making Sense project some months ago with the main objective of pushing this ideas further on the next months.




when I check out the map at and then apply filter ‘online’. there are no kits anywhere in the world. That is why I thought there might be a serious problem with the project.

My Kit has ID 2536. Where can I see if it is sending data to you?
If I go to it tells me the kit is offline.



Hey Dosch,

I found a bug on the UI which might have created your confusion since you selected ONLINE true but you didn’t selected neither INDOOR or OUTDOOR, no device matched your criteria. You can check it by just setting OFFLINE false but KEEPING at least INDOOR or OUTDOOR. We’ll work on fixing this and make it more usable!

The issue with your device was it had been previously registered by another user. I guess someone who own it before you. I just manually unregistered from the previous owner. Remember always to un register your device before giving it to someone else to use!

Let me know how it works!


Hey Guillam

Thank you for your explanation.
One more thing; maybe something went wrong with (re-)registering the kit, because I can no longer login to my account. It seems renamed frp, d0sch to do_sch. But requesting my password again, tells me the username does not exist…

Any idea?


Hey Dosch,

Can you try it now? A server issue prevented some users to log in yesterday from 10am CET to 12am CET.

Thanks for reporting!



Ok, log in works again! Thnx!

As the kit is updated, has the right wifi password, but is in a difficult position to reach, can I register the kit without attaching it to my computer again?


Hi Dosch,

If you have range problems with your WiFi range you can add an external antenna to your SCK as explained here.