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STL file for plastic glass on standard case

Hi there,

I have just received my Smart Citizen Kit and I’m going to 3D print a case for it.

It seems like the case repository ( smartcitizen-enclosures/SmartCitizen Case V1.5.1 at master · fablabbcn/smartcitizen-enclosures · GitHub ) does not contain an stl file for the “glass” for the case. And I am not able to correctly convert the dxf to anything I can use with my printer (stl).

Can anyone tell me if I can find a 3D printable file for it somewhere or how I would convert the dxf file to a stl file?

Best regards,
Mads Ravn


Nice you are going to print your own enclosure. I would not recommend using that model as it’s meant to be manufactured with a CNC milling machine on plastic stock.

If you want to 3D print yours,I recommend you use either one of:

Make sure you read the README for all the components you might need and let us know (or the designers) if you need any help!


Hi Oscgonfer,

Thanks a lot for your quick and elaborate answer. I will pick one of those instead.

Best regards,
Mads Ravn