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Stops reporting or recording / Alternating blinking and breathing blue

We purchased two kits, and initially both connected fine and started uploading data to the platform. At some point they went offline, and I was able to reconnect them by setting them up again using the process. Again they stopped reporting data after a while and showed up as offline on the platform. I then tested one in SD mode, in case the issue was with the wifi. After checking the data, it looks like it recorded for about 12 hours then stopped. So I’m wondering for what reasons these might stop working, especially in the offline mode. I’m also wondering if someone can give me some steps to follow to troubleshoot.

Right now, I have one of the kits freshly flashed with the new SAM (0.9.6) firmware following these steps:

The light began breathing blue, then started blinking blue, then breathes blue again, then blinks, and repeats. It appears offline on the platform. In the serial monitor from the Arduino IDE I see these lines looping as the light blinks and then breathes etc etc etc. The blinking period runs from the “Restarting ESP…” line through to “Hello sent!” so while it’s breathing all I get are the two error messages. Any ideas?

10:51:51.472 -> ERROR sending hello!!!
10:51:51.472 -> Restarting ESP…
10:51:51.472 -> ESP off…
10:51:51.516 -> ESP on…
10:51:51.701 -> ESP finished booting
10:51:52.013 -> Synced config with ESP!!
10:51:57.681 -> Connected to wifi!!
10:51:57.981 -> Hello sent!
10:52:03.740 -> ERROR sending mesg to ESP!!!
10:52:13.458 -> ERROR sending hello!!!
10:52:13.458 -> Restarting ESP…
10:52:13.458 -> ESP off…
10:52:13.504 -> ESP on…
10:52:13.643 -> ESP finished booting
10:52:13.962 -> Synced config with ESP!!
10:52:18.957 -> Connected to wifi!!
10:52:19.441 -> Hello sent!
10:52:25.207 -> ERROR sending mesg to ESP!!!
10:52:34.965 -> ERROR sending hello!!!

Hi tony,

Can you provide us the id of your kits on the platform?
Maybe looking at the data we can understand what happened to the devices.
You can also check the troubleshooting section on our documentation.

About the error we can see on the serial console output, there seems to be a problem on the communication between the main chip and the Wi-Fi chip (ESP), these can be related to incompatible versions of firmware being used on each of these chips.

Are you sure that you flashed the kit with the 2.1 version of the firmware?

if you are not sure you can check which version of firmware you are running on your kit with the version command on the serial console. Here you can find a guide that will help you on using the command shell of your kit.

Hope this helps!
Please keep us posted on your findings.

I have a similar problem with my kit. Some time ago it stopped recording data, while you could check current measurements. So I changed my micro SD card and problem solved. Some days ago my kit 9606 did the same, so again i changed the micro SD card, but this time it does not seem to work. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!