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Streaming data to other platforms

(1) Is possible to stream / access data on my kit to other IOT platforms, like MS Azure Cloud Platform. If “yes”, maybe some already did it?

(2) Can I use MQTT protocol to do that?

Welcome @yvl2009

That is only supported via the API

In this post I explain a bit more how to do it

We also have a push API using web-sockets. However, this is only experimental

Another completely different option will be to change the MQTT end-point on firmware. However, this won’t allow your device to use any of the platform features, such us the configuration tool at

You can change the MQTT end-point here

More info on how to edit the firmware below

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Many thanks!
Now using API to get the data.

By the way: I expecting to recieve Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor v2 soon.
How can I connect it to My Smartcitizen Board? What sort of updates/setting i will need to do?


So cool you’re using the API!

I don’t think we have integrated it, but we can give you support with it! Have you ever coded a bit with Arduino?

At the moment, this are the sensors supported.

Adding @victor who’s the lead firmware developer

Hi! Thanks for reply!

well, thats sad. I was sure i would be able to connect more sensors.
BTW: on the page
it was mentioned, " Onboarding new Sensors"

Any chance the kit will add support to more grove groove sensors in future?
And, what board you reccomend to use for Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor v2 ?