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New tags and groups suggestions

Could we add a tag for Canada?

We need a tag for “Sant Quirze del Valles” please.

@AndreasManz Done!

@dionr Done!

I would like for the Forum to review a new tag for “Malta” since we’re going to have a Smart Citizen in every school nationwide with more than 40 units in total.

Hello James,

we just pushed the new tag

Let me know if you need more


we need another one called EDGI

Here it is comes:


Hello , Moderator
Please also add San Diego tag… Please , Please

We’d appreciate a SanDiego tag to be created today since a large public event with multiple kits begins tomorrow. Many thanks in advance.

Hello @jfarrigo,

we just create it on Friday!

Hope the San Diego project is going fine!

Hi, Can we please have a location for “Rockhampton Region”


@rrcsmartcitizen Done! Have fun!