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Temp & Humidity sensor have spike data read

Fixed, thanks a lot

After some months offline, I’ve connected my device again. I’m using the beta firmware 0.9 and I get a difference of 2-3 degrees in temperature.
In this comment:
You say that the algorithm has to be recalculated, talking about a previous version. Has it been recalculated?

Hi @xa2! Nope, it has not been recalculated yet as we still working on calibration (with the help of an environmental chamber this time) and also making improvements on the hardware and software side. The temperature algorithm is implemented on the platform so does not make any difference to use the latest firmware. Until the formula is not updated in the platform the results will continue to be inaccurate. Sorry for that! Best.

Any news on the issue? I’m trying to measure the temperature at our office but the readings a about 2-3 degrees too low.

Is the error linear so that I can just pick some other thermometer to see the real difference and with that calibrate the graph to be correct?

Hi @artsa, no news on this issue yet. Sorry for that. I will insist on having this reviewed once and for all. On the other hand, the error should be linear. Please, let us know your results if you finally pick some other thermometer to see the difference. Looking forward to hearing from you about it. Best.

My device is indoors and the current temperature according to another digital thermometer next to it is 20,5. The sensor itself is measuring 17,4. Based on that difference the offset seems to be about 3 degrees.

I get temperature readings that are about 5°C too high and relative humidity temperatures that are about 15% too low. The SHT21 doesn’t need to be calibrated and the idea that they’re working with an “environmental chamber” sounds odd. Based on all of the reports that this device can’t do the most basic task of getting correct temperature and humidity readings likely means that they didn’t get the chips from a reliable source and most certainly didn’t do any QA. I have $5 thermometers and hygrometers that give more accurate measurements than this device does.