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Temperature and Humidity wrong values


I downloaded the latest 0.8.6 beta and I still have the problem with temperature and humidity stuck at 50C and 100% (like hot water)


Same with me. It still doesn’t work. I uploaded the latest rev from github, just in case, and tried again, without success.

team @wyolum
Mumbai, India


so, I thought maybe it’s got to do with my Device registration on the website that was causing the values of Temp/rH to be stuck. I deleted my device (#1067) and did a fresh setup process. The web interface still doesn’t work. I have to manually configure all the wlan info and manually enter the MAC address on the website. And, it still didn’t solve the sensor reading problem for Temp / rH. In effect, back to square one.

My new device ID is



OMG it is fixed…