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The smart citizen board is no more detected by USB


I have a smart citizen(Arduino ATHeart). I configured it though platform and it published data.
I then tried to run Smartcitizen Kit testing script as mentioned by Fablab ( I also installed Arduino IDE.
I run the wifly.ino file ( in order to use the provided python script to test and update the smart citzen kit ( I run wifly.ino and then while running the python script it is failed to find arduino directory. Then, the smart citizen is not detected by the usb port anymore. Is there anyway to reset the smart citizen board ?. All what I have found to reset the board is the hardware approaches (
Any help is highly appreciated.


Hi @yasminfathy,

This can be a bootloader issue. You can reinstall it by using another Arduino or the official Atmel AVR ICSP. Have a look at the following tutorials and do not hesitate to write here or at for help:

Good luck!