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Time don't correspond to repeating intervall on webpage


Looking on my Citizen Kit on “” I notice that if I change the intervall from “Last day” to “Last hour”, the X-axis do not change.
In hour-mode it still say: “Saturday I Sunday I Monday” or sometimes it says “11 PM…” & not 24-hr clock

Can do anything or do I just sit tight?


Hi @MaxHeadroom! I have just checked it on my computer and it seems to work fine. I am using a Mac computer with Chrome and Firefox browsers on it. Have you tried it on different computers/browsers!? Anyway, it is true that these graphics need to be improved as sometimes they have bizarre behavior and the results are not as accurate as they should be. We hope to have the time and resources to work in all these little details very soon. Please, stay tuned! Best. :slight_smile: