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Timestamp issue

I configured the SCK 2.1 to load on my home network : it works, the LED breathes blue and I see the SCK on the network but time could not sync, see below

Restarting ESP…
ESP off…
ESP on…
ESP finished booting
Synced config with ESP!!
Connected to wifi!!
Asked new time sync to ESP…
ERROR sending mesg to ESP!!!
Asking time to ESP…
ERROR getting time from the network!!!
Restarting ESP…

What can I do to solve ?
Thanks in advance


Thanks for posting!

First I will suggest resetting your Kit. See the “magical reset button”

If it doesn’t work, I will suggest you try to connect your device to a different Wi-Fi. You could ask your neighbours’ Wi-Fi, try it at your office or use your phone on AP (tethering) mode.

What do you think?