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Tip from a new user about usb connection issues

Had a lot of trouble setting up out SCK 1.1c, tried 3 different computers 2 with Windows 10. Tried safe booting with driver signature disabled. Tried an old Windows 7 machine and 2 different USB cables which work on my mobile but all failed to recognize the device.

Had just about given up then accidentally picked up another USB cable a it magically worked. Looks like its really sensitive to which cable you use, so its worth trying a few different ones if you are having trouble connecting. Then mark them as a SmartCitizen cable!

Hope this helps someone, I spent hours with this.

Hi @sjlive

Thanks for the tips!

We will do some test inhouse since we never had those USB issues but we use most of the time Mac and Linux not Windows.

Just a quick reminder for new users this is the Guide for installing the Drivers on Windows: