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Tonga Eruption and Seismometer?

I am wondering if anyone observed any effects of the recent Tonga Volcanic Eruption using their SC Device (Barometric Pressure).
Apparently, so I’ve been reading; low frequency sound waves travelled around the earth several times after the explosion.
The SC sensors are read only every 30 -60 sec which would be too long period to pick up the actual sound waves but there might have been some short term anomalous readings picked up.

Is it possible to run statistical analysis across the whole SC readings database (from everyone) to see if this occurred ?

Secondly, along the same lines; I am wondering if anyone has considered attaching a seismometer sensor to the SC system; if an inexpensive unit can be purchased somewhere. Here in Taiwan; (and all areas surrounding the Pacific) small earthquakes are very common. It’s not pollution; but nonetheless something that contributes to general well being; and the platform is a good place to record it.

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