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Totally bricked?

So after fixing the broken USB port for the hundredth time my SCK just stopped posting data (again) and I couldn’t get it online (again). Was too busy to keep messing with it at the time so just now got around to looking at it. Now my comp won’t even recognize it as a USB device. Nothing on any port. How am I supposed to fix it if it can’t even be detected anymore?

On another note, the sandbox hangs whenever I try to look at my existing (broken) sensor or add a ‘new’ one to attempt setting it up from scratch. Using Chrome…any ideas?

If this thing doesn’t working soon it’s going in either the garbage or getting gold plated and mounted on a plaque commemorating the worst product release in Kickstarter history.

Kidding aside. I’d like to try re-uploading the firmware using an extra Arduino as an AVR ISP. Any advice on how to hook up to the required pins?

Jajajaja!! :smiley: That’s a good idea! We are also getting all the SCK upgrades on glass boxes to remember the comings and goings of the project! I like your sense of humour. :slight_smile: You can get good info about how to use an extra Arduino as an AVR ISP here:
Let me know how it goes, please. Best, :slight_smile:

Well, you’re out of luck. Oculus Rift officially took the Grand Prize for worst KS release ever.

I’ve used Arduino as AVR ISP before from UNO to UNO. Do you recommend disassembling the SCK and hooking up to the IDC header for this? Any pics of the pin outs? A pic is worth a thousand words and approximately 500 angry forum posts.

Leaving billion dollar disappointing decisions aside, I would recommend you to try the hack that @CKCKCKCK1 did to fix the USB connector: You can see the whole thread here:

Without the USB conector you could upload the firmware via ISP and you would be able to log data on your SD card but you would not be able to configure and use the wifly. You can see the pin outs set up if you go to Constants.h tab of SCK’s firmware file. I will ask the team for the hardware schematics and come back to you as soon as I get them. All the best. :slight_smile:

OK…will try to figure it out via ISP & the pin assignments in Constants. Thanks.

Let me know how it goes, please! :slight_smile: Still waiting for the pics… top secret! jajaja! :stuck_out_tongue: