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Trashing the firmware then Reinstating it

Please excuse me for asking a really dumb question.

As alluded to in another thread; I am about to put into an SCK2.1; different firmware that consists of a program to test the 8-port MUX board. I have 3 x smart citizen devices I have chosen (#1) : an ‘old’ SCK2.1 kit that I purchased in about march 2020 from seed. It has outdated firmware and a ‘suspect’ Aux connector that still works. (I broke it off then resoldered it). It has an ‘old’ PM sensor

Of these (#1) I judge to be least risk; but eventually I still would like it to work as an SCK; it is handy to have and I might want to deploy it sometime. So if I change the firmware it has to go back.

But for now; I intend to trash it’s firmware by overwriting standard with new code I have tested on a Seeduino 4.2 Board (Arduino clone). I want to confirm that the Mux unit works on a SAMD21G; SCK 2.1 Hardware.

(1) connect Platformio (VScode) on Mac via USB. Build and compile new firmware. Test it. Do whatever I have to do.
(2) to reload SCK firmware to revert the kit back to normal (after the testing is all done): Clone the smart-citizen repo (master) and conduct a build using platformio.
(3) connect USB and upload the built code.
(4) go through the steps needed to update ESP firmware to match the versions.

Seems easy enough…
Please @oscgonfer @victor can you confirm the above steps will work; or whether there is a shortcut; perhaps to upload the SCK firmware direct onto the microSD card (like the normal way).