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Tvoc sensor: need help to know how to convert ppb value given by sensor to mg/m3

Hello SmartCitizen Kit people.

For months, I’ve tried to find relevant information about the calculation that could be done to convert value coming from our SmartCitizen kits Tvoc sensor, into a value expressed in mg/m3.

Do you know what is the converting operation to run from ppb to mg/m3 for smart citizen kit Tvoc sensor ?

I’m tring to end a data analysis of data coming from one of our kit put in a fablab (indoor), and this information is quiet important because we want to identify if the values are inside “acceptable values” regarding the european regulation standards.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Addtional information: in our case, in our lab, 3 years data analysis for this sensor gives the following values:

  • minimum: 0
  • maximum: 29296
  • mean: 1189


ppb = parts per billion is a relative value. It says (e.g. for your mean 1189 ppb) that in the air are 1189 molecules TVOC out of total 1 000 000 000 molecules. So it is same “type of counting” as percents.

So this unit is about counting, not about weight or volume. You have to know the molar weight of the VOC in your lab to convert it. Here you can read more: VOC concentrations in Air (Units of Measurement)