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Unable to configure device via web interface

I received my kit (SCK ver 1.1) a few days ago and haven’t been able to get it configured via the web interface.
Here’s what I’ve done till now :

  1. Using Arduino IDE, I uploaded firmware ver sck_beta_v0_8_6 successfully.
  2. Set my WiFi parameters in Arduino IDE successfully.
  3. When I visit the website and select SENSOR CONFIGURATION > SETUP THE KIT,
    I get :
    ✓ Please, reset your kit by pressing the reset button or switching it off / on.
    ✓ Once reseted, select your SmartCitizen serial port and click Start process…
    ✓ Checking your Smart Citizen Kit version. This could take a while, please wait.

and it seems to get stuck at the “Checking your Smart Citizen Kit version” step.

The Codebender extension is installed correctly (glad to point out we’ve ( been supporting Codebender since long time.

team @wyolum
Mumbai, India

Hello Annol,

I know it could seem a stupid answer but please check you do not have the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor open while you are trying to configure the kit from the web interface. Serial ports can be accessed just by a single software at a time and this could be causing the trouble.

Anyway there are still two other more solutions to try:

The default procedure:

Reset your kit completely.

Close the Arduino IDE and try to do the process directly from the browser.

The web utility should be able to upload the firmware and setup all the parameters without having to hardcode anything.

The manual procedure:

Upload the firmware using the Arduino IDE as you previously did with your wi-fi credentials hard coded.

The last step missing will be to get the mac address from you kit and type it on the configuration section just below the configuration tool.

You do not need to use the configuration tool, you can just get the MAC Address by using the Arduino Serial Monitor as is is explained on this tutorial: - Set Up Your Kit Manually: Using The Serial Communication

Even more you can just copy the MAC Address directly from the sticker on top of the kit’s WiFi module as explained on this tutorial: - Set Up Your Kit Manually: The compilation way

Hope this helps you,

let me know how it works.


Hi Guillem,

Thanks, and yes, I did all of the above and have got my device to work.
However, the bug with the web interface still exists. It gets stuck at this point :

✓ Checking your Smart Citizen Kit version. This could take a while, please wait.

team @wyolum
Mumbai, India

Edit : The Manual procedure works. The default procedure doesn’t.

so, I grabbed the latest version from Github, and now can no longer set the WLAN credentials in the SCK. After I upload the latest SCK code via Arduino (the Web interface still does not work for me. I tried two different computers, and on different browsers - Chrome and Mozilla. But that is another issue which I hope may be fixed sometime). Meanwhile, after the last update, my SCK no longer works. In the Arduino Serial monitor, I can see the raw sensor data being reported.

When I need to make the WiFi settings, I select $$$, and I get the following response :

AP mode as SCK_8c-0e on chan 1
Listen on 2000
DHCP Server I

After that, the SCK is pretty much stuck. I cannot make any settings, nor read any data.
set wlan ssid XXXX
set wlan phrase XXXX
get mac

etc - none of that works.

Can one of the developers please guide me thru and set things right. After some time, the patience is turning into frustration.

Anool (team

Are any of the developers around to read and respond to this ?

You have to write $ $ $ with “no line ending”. I put a video.

Yes, $$$ with “no line ending” - I’ve used it earlier and it used to work on the SCK. Not anymore. I hardcoded the WiFi credentials within the Arduino sketch and then uploaded it to the SCK to make it work.

Hi @Anool. I hope you are doing great. I can see that your kit is not been updated for the last 53 days. If there is anything I can do for you, please, I would be glad to give you a hand in order to see your SCK online. All the best. :slight_smile: