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Unable to connect SCK 2.1 to wifi

Hi there!

The first time I was able to connect the SCK 2.1 to my wifi. But when I was not able to remove the SDK device, an red error message appeared. I deleted that account and had to sign up with a different e-mail because my former e-mail was still taken (and thus not removed from the system after deleting the account).

With the new account I was not able to connect the SCK to the internet. There are no kits added to my profile, fields are blank. I suspect it has something to do with the old account which previously connected the SCK 2.1. How can this removed account, its data be fully removed? Any way to solve this unable to connect issue?

I tried several times in clean browsers (with cookies and data deleted, incognito mode, both Chrome and Firefox) to no avail.

Factory reset (15 sec) did also not solve this issue.

I turned the device off for a while and on again with no succesful attempt at connecting to the wifi.

At the step on my mobile when I need to fill in the token from the pc, it always shows the old one (even though I deleted the cookies and data from the browser), I always delete this and fill in the new token but the wifi does not get connected (the wifi credentials are 100% correct).