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Unable to connect to Internet with the new setup procedure

I’ve two Smartcitizen Kit, one for the indoor and on outdoor.
Both worked well before the new setup procedure.
Now, they can’t connect to the internet. The two blu led continue to switch on/off alternatively. But the entire setup procedure (via Chrome and Firefox also) ends with the classic "Done, reset your kit in order
the changes will take effect."
Looking to my router, the two Smartcitizen Kit are not connected (but my laptop and my android smartphone are connected without any problem).
How could I solve this problem?
The issue appears after the introduction of the new setup procedure (new firmware?). Probably, a standalone version of setup procedure (a BAT file?Like some Tools for root and recovery android devices) is needed?

Hi Massimo

have tested this many times and works in many environments and platforms. Something is wrong here. @guillem any suggestion?


Hi Tomasdiez,
I’ve tested the indoor kit. I noticed that the memorized password for the wifi connection was incorrected.
But, after re-sync the kit, it does not be able to connect.
I really don’t know where is the problem.
Drivers and Arduino SDK are installed, the usb cable is ok.

Same problem i have here, the guys have a lot of problems and not able to fix it, look at all the topics here.

I will try to reproduce this issue.

We will checking this is not an EEPROM failure.

FIY, on the previous setup process the Wi-Fi configuration was saved directly on the WiFly (Wi-Fi module) memory. On the new version the setup is taking advantage of a new feature on the firmware and storing it on the EEPROM memory of the KIT together with the upload interval time. This allows as to save multiple WI-FI networks per kit. We release this feature on the firmware a few months ago but it was not available on the setup procedure.

Guillem, the problem is that the new feature increase the features of the kit, but if it cannot works properly for me I need the previous procedure.
I use a Telecom router with WPA2, but I don’t think this is a problem.
Is it possible to implement a new “configuration from scratch”?