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Unable to connect to Wifi

Hi there,

I am unable to connect SCK to WiFi as I am coming up against some errors:

  • SCK is unable to connect and does not progress past the “Waiting for your kit” screen. The blue light flashes fast.
  • The SCK can only find “Fake Wifi 1” and “Fake WIFI 2”. I am unable to connect to my home WiFi.

I have factory reset and repeated the process a number of times, including in close proximity to the WiFi router, but to no success.

I have also tried running the set up via my laptop and not my mobile phone. This does not appear to have helped the process.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi @mrlazerbeam

We recently found a bug that can lead randomly to this kind of issues

@victor might be able to tell you how to update the Kit

Thanks @pral2a - @victor any thoughts?

Is there another thread with this issue if its a known bug? I have had kit for some time now but unable to use it yet… :-s

Hi @mrlazerbeam,

This issue happened in some situations and we where not able to replicate it, but recently while upgrading some code on the ESP (thw WiFi chip) the problem appeared always and we made a fix.

We haven’t released a new version yet but you still can upgrade your kit, you can follow the instructions on our documentation.

Let me compile the code and in some minutes I wll give you acces to the binaries.

You can download The Binary fimrware files in the github pre-release page.

After upgrading the SAM firmware, since this is a pre-release, the kit will not ask you to update the ESP firmware, instead you will have to follow the instructions detailed under Force ESP upload in the documentation.

Hope this helps!

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