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Unable to register new device

I just received a 2.1 board and successfully configured the device. However on the last step when I need to associate the sensor with an account I get errors when I either use an existing account or a new account.

When using an existing account, there is an HTTP 500 error POST to

When I attempt to create a new account, I get an HTTP 403 to

How can I successfully register my board?

Hi @ajturner,

Thank you for the detailed message.

We’re looking at the issue. It looks like backend related.

I’ll write you ASAP

Hi @ajturner,

The issue is fixed. There was a memory issue in our servers affecting our Redis instance. We never had that issue before, and we will monitor it closely.

Now you can visit again and repeat the process.

Please, let us know how it works when you finish!

Hi there,

when I try to register a new kit, at the last moment never recognize the password of my account.

It is something joking because to use the option ‘add new kit’ I’m logged in with my user.

What can I do?