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Updating wifi setting does not work

SCK Kickstarter Firmware 0.9.0 (up to date according to the website)

I am trying to update the wifi settings.
This is the output:

✓ Your kit is a SmartCitizen Ambient Kit 1.1 - "Kickstarter Board"
✓ Your kit is running Firmware 0.9.0. This is the latest version.
✓ You can skip the firmware update!
✓ Downloading previous configuration from your kit!
✓ Getting Wi-Fi networks saved on the kit…
✓ Getting time/updates settings saved on the kit…
✓ Syncing with your Smart Citizen Kit…
✓ Failed to update the Wi-Fi settings on the Smart Citizen Kit! Please, try it again.
✓ Failed to update the update interval settings on the Smart Citizen Kit! Please, try it again.
✓ Your Smart Citizen Kit is updated. Please, reset or switch off / on your kit in order the changes to take effect!

Every time I restart the process (now for the n-th time) I see that only part of the wifi setting are synced.
The wifi password (with is some 20 characters long, is only partly copied.

The MAC address is correct

As a bonus: I also get this error sometimes:
✓ Your kit is a board unknown
✓ Your kit is running an older firmware. This is not the latest version.
✓ We recommend you to update the firmware!

Hello @dosch,

the original RN131 Wi-Fi module documentation suggests 32 characters SSIDs are allowed, however we found this is limited to 19 characters, both in SSID and Passphrase. Also $ characters are not allowed, sorry.

We improved our documentation and we add a Q&A with all those issues related to Wi-Fi settings.