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Upload CSV datas

How it’s possible to upload old CSV data from an old kit to another kit online? I have tried SD card upload but server timeout or say file too large. Splitting CSV in small files do not import anything.


It is possible. The platform doesn’t care were the data comes from.
However, if you split the data, it is important to keep the header in place in all of them.
The IDs must stay in place for the platform to find which sensor is which.

Note that if you have a very old kit (SCK1.5) the header will be different, but it will have at least two rows: CHANNEL and IDs.

Finally, the data will be then overwritten on the platform if there are timestamps in the SD card that overwrite the ones in the platform.

PD: on a side note, we are all suffering from stressful times with COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. So we thank you for your patience regarding forum responses, as they are not top priority at the moment.

First of all thanks for your response.
As I was in doubt if I had perhaps deleted the first line, I have just uploaded again the CSV but none of data sent appears on the new kit after uploads.
To be clear, after my kit crash, I have created new kit. I then downloaded old CSV datas from first kit and uploaded them to the new kit using SD card upload option.

Maybe we are confused and not talking about the same things.


I see. The CSV download from the platform is not re-uploadable to the platform as-it-is, since it doesn’t have the IDs I mentioned above (the ids need to be in the 4th row).

If you have access to the data on the sd-card, this would be much easier to reupload.
Let us know

Again thank you for your time spent here.
Unfortunately I used Wifi direct upload to the platform and have no SD card inside. I didn’t know it’s possible to have SD card and WiFi together. I will try to install a SD to see exact CSV format and try to restore my old kit if I have no others options.
Maybe a future improvement so it’s possible to restore old published datas. It should not be to hard to code this option.
Kind regards.

OK, let us know if you need more help.
Either way, it should not be very difficult to modify the CSV and have the adecuate formatting.

We will detail this in the docs for other users.