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USB port fell of the board at reception of the SCK


@all: Here you have a pic of the USB traces in case you need it to make the hack. I really hope it helps. Please, let me know if I there is something else I can do to help with this issue. :slight_smile:


I glued my down using expoy ( (Loctite 0.47 fl. oz. Five Minute Instant Mix Epoxy). Once the boards are put together, if the length is just right, you can snake it comfortable between the boards ( Make sure the USB header is covered w/ tape or a usb thumbdrive cover so it doesn’t short against anything. Also, make sure it doesn’t cover the antenna on the wifly board so you don’t impact reception. If everything is done right, it can actually still fit in the enclosure.


You are the man @CKCKCKCK1! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for sharing your hardware fixes with the Smart Citizen community. We love to have people like you on board! Best. :wink:


@all: Thank you for sharing your experience, so I could put a big pile of glue to it before it came off!


@aitoraloa any news about the avaibility of the arduino board ? I receive my SmartCitien kit a while back and I still cannot use it :-/ I really would like to order a replacement board at a fair price and try to boot my SCK for the first time.


After waiting for almost three months to get my kit and having to pay double the price in fees in my country, I had the same problem of broken mini-usb connector.

The tutorial for repair based on super glue did not work because there was not enough space to do the soldering. I had to sacrifice a USB cable and perform the procedure suggested by CKCKCKCK1 to make the kit back to work. But it is very frustrating to see a new device that cost me $400.00 in such conditions.

I have two questions:

  • Why this version of the card continues to be sold?
  • Who has experienced this problem may receive a new card free of charge?


Hi @rostand. I am really really sorry to read that you had to pay extra taxes and that you are suffering the same problems that we have experience with the previous batch os SCKs, but I can promise you that we are not selling anymore the SCK version that had this issue with the USB port. Can you tell me when did you get this board!? Maybe yours was one of the last shipments we did with that batch. We do not replace the boards with broken USB ports as it should be “easily” fixed but please send us an email to and we will see what can we do for you. By the way, have you tried CKCKCKCK1’s hack!? It worked for many users! Best.


Hi @aitoraloa

My order number is 100000153, placed on February 20, 2014.

I managed to do the CKCKCKCK1’s hack. The problem is that is a fragile connection, being only a workaround solution.

Anyway, I can not agree that the USB port problem can be easily fixed. Even if that were so, I would like to receive a kit in perfect conditions.

I will send a email to you.




Ok @rostand! We have already received you email. Best. :slight_smile:


@aitoraloa My smartcitizen kit is still in its packaging and I cannot use it as the USB port fell off and I cannot fixed it cleanly. This is kind of sad as the project was inspiring on kickstarter. Is there a process for replacement of the board available ? I can send my board back to have the USB port cleanly fixed ?



Hi @aegiap, if you think that you can not fix the USB port cleanly, please, send us an email to with all your contact details (just to confirm the ones we have) and we will add you to the replacement boards database. Thanks a lot for your patience and sorry for the inconveniences. All the best.