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USB port replacement


I attended the SmartCitizen Manchester launch workshop a couple of weeks ago. I got the kit working at the event, but when I got home discovered that the superglue used to secure the board had glued the USB cable into the port.

Unfortunately, while trying to get the cable out, the port came off the board. Furthermore, I also can’t get the cable out of the detached port!

Where can I obtain a new USB port so I can try to get the kit set up? And I have noticed the other posts on the forum regarding difficulty attaching the port using a file soldering iron - I’m afraid that my soldering skills won’t be up to scratch! Is there any other way of getting this working as easily as possible?

Many thanks,

Hi @alexhillel, I am sorry to read that the USB port came off the board. The MicroUSB connector is the ZX62-B-5PA(11) and it is made by Hirose Electric Co. You can find it here: Anyway you can also check the hack that other user did to their SCKS in order to deal with the damaged USB port: I hope all this info helps. Please, let me know how it goes or if there is anything else we can do for you. All the best.