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Using Smart Citizen Kit on a UAV - Drone?

We are a professional drone operator, and we would like to know if there is any study of the use of this kit with a drone: if the sensors work correctly, if can be affected by the turbulence of the rotors, etc.
Thank you so much.
For the answers, please contact:


We’ve done some test with our partners at

Here you can see an old experiment.

At the time, we collected drone telemetry and sensor data separately, and merged both using the timestamp of both devices. However, we are looking forward to integrating the SCK with remote drone telemetry to simplify the process.

Effects on the data might depend a lot on the kind of sensors you are interested in. For example, we haven’t yet tested the PM 1/2.5/10 sensor on a drone yet.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much for the information!