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Using Smart Citizen Kits to track COVID-19 effect on pollution

Hi everyone!

First of all, we hope that you are all doing good given the current situation.
We just wanted to share with you that last week we published a little analysis of the effect of COVID-19 lockdown on pollution with open data from the kits deployed around Barcelona. We also included some other kits and we are cooking a bigger analysis, but for starters this is it:

The code that generated this is also open and can be accessed in this github repo.

We see this moment is an exceptional worldwide experiment and an opportunity for change and we would like to hear from you and see how things are evolving in other parts of the world. Have you seen changes in the data from your sensors? Are you planning on measuring something yourselves to see how this period affects the environment?

Hope you like it and looking forward!


That’s a really great article. Its such a pity we see so few kits in my part of the world. (Australia and Asia more generally)

Hi all!

In our twitter account (@fumutsrosolano) we have also been using the sensor to communicate the COVID effects on pollution in our neighbourhood. But while the noise data logically correlates with confinement periods, we have the opposite for PM2,5: higher concentrations during confinement and OK levels the last weeks (when activity and cars have returned to the street).

Anyone has thoughts on why is this happening in our case? Specially @oscgonfer and rest of the team in Barcelona.


Some thoughts.
Firstly are you kit(s) indoor or outdoor ?
If they are indoor, cv19 confinement will correlate with people choosing to cook meals at home. I have found my own PM x levels increase at meal times. TVOC also increases for same reason.

If they are outdoor and its winter then people using wood burning fires to heat homes (because they are at home) will cause increase in particulates. Even in summer they might light fireplaces at night because its cosier.

In summer time it might be that people < shock horror > might be burning garden vegetative waste, generated because people spend time tidying their garden when confined at home.
In some places in the world summer coincides with increase in particulates as people burn farmland vegetation and undergrowth.

These suggestions might not work where you are but maybe it will help generate some ideas for you…