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Viadukaduk highway refit and long vision monitoring project

Hi guys and girls,

I am happy to announce that our monitoring project based on SCK 2.1 in Ghent, Belgium is up and running. We have 5 sensors of 13 online. The rest follows hopefully in the next two weekends.

Our own 3d printed (own design, prints in PETG ordered externally) enclosure has been now in the weather for 1,5 months without a flaw. I hope somebody here will help me to put it on the repo. See the first pics below.

Would it be possible to have our own tag #viadukaduk on the map?



Fantastic project and community!

Once you have time, we would encourage you to release the enclosure design files and documentation! We can help you with it and you’ll always be credited as the original author.

We already created the #viadukaduk tag!

Keep up posting such good work!

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Would you mind if we tweet some of your pictures on the main @smartcitizenkit twitter to spread the word about your project

I have just about ordered standard 3D printed outdoor enclosure, seems OK design to me.
Please can you elaborate your requirements to design your own eg. what advantages. (?) or disadvantages of the existing designs.


We have looked into the following aspects:
High accuracy temperature measurements. Having layered white enclosure allows to keep radiation heat away from our sensor.
Open yet waterproof concept. This protects the device from dorplets of water at the same time preventing condensation in the device and allowing for good ventillation. Moreover the design is modular so you could just print more layers of the middle element and place additional sensors within the enclosure.
Avoiding creating a resonator had impact on the direction.
Secure installation for a 2-3 year project was also our concern.

@pral2a Sure i’ll post some tweets with pics and @smartcitizenkit.


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Really nice project,

Greetings from Brussels!

Hey, I just read your message once again. Yes, you’re welcome to use the pics in tweets. You can mention us @viadukaduk.