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Weather protective housing?

What have people devised for housing the smart citizen kit? I would love to take the advice of those smarter than me on how to keep this outside properly, especially in cold and wet conditions.

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Hi Hans, and welcome.
It’s good to see someone besides just me working over christmas.

Regarding Housing, there is a repository of various ‘Enclosures’ over on github. They can be build using various ‘maker’ tools such as 3D printing; CNC or just plain using suitable stuff you find around the place.

Here is documentation that you might find helpful: FAQ Link
Here is the link to the Guthub repo: SmartCitizen Enclosures link

The one you want is “smartcitizen outdoor cases V2.x” of course, but feel free to browse through them all. Most have photographs, and all have some level of documentation to help you pick and make a decision.:: (open the ‘MD’ ) file in the folders. eg ‘’
Since many of the files are designed to be opened using design tools such as ‘Fusion360’ from Autodesk (Look for the free version) or ‘Eagle’ then you may need to download and install the appropriate opener for that type of file. (Google is your friend !)

As you can see, many enthusiasts have applied their creativity and builder knowledge to create the various designs, and you too could do that; if you have a particular need that is not met by one of the existing designs. You could get back in touch with the Fablabs Barcelona team via this forum and ask for their help to upload your design; and it may help others like yourself.


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Thank you very much. Unfortunately, the work never ends.


Just to add on what @bryn.parrott said. The files we provide are either .STL files or .STEP. You can use the stl files to print them using a slicing software (Slic3r, prusaSlic3r, Cura…). Step files or Iges files would be good if you want to modify them to customize them. You can ask here or post an issue in github repository in case we forgot to put any format you need.

To manufacture them: you can either print it yourself if you have a 3D printer, or go to a Fab Lab and request printing, or ask in 3D hubs or an online 3D printing service. We do this so that people can actually choose where and how to fabricate, instead of having a plastic enclosure, rigid in every sense (mechanical, design wise, material origins, etc).

Hope it helps!

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