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Website issues - Chromium

I’m having some issues displaying sensor data on Chromium v 31.0.1650.63 Debian jessie/sid (238485) and Iceweasel 24.3.0

The graphs are upto an hour old across all sensors and all time ranges. I know that data is at the site by checking the api feed for my sensor. I note that the w3c validator shows many issues; I hope that we’ll be in a position to help with these things soon.


Most of the website time are in UTC timezone or Coordinated Universal Time. It appear to seems one hour delayed to spain, france and many european country. For more information about it :

Further improvement are planed, like detecting client time zone and W3C validation, but not in the immediate future.

Don’t hesitate to come back to us for other questions / or to signal others bugs.


Hi Alex, thanks for the link, I’m very happy with UTC and timezones.

Unfortunately the website doesn’t appear to be displaying UTC on the graphs it’s showing UTC -1 hour. The time is currently 07:38 here in the UK but I can only see to about 06:38 on the graphs. The problem may come from this:

{“timestamp”:“2014-02-10 07:39:26”,“temp”:16,“hum”:55.8,“co”:288.78,“no2”:18.9,“light”:54.9,“noise”:50,“bat”:0,“panel”:0,“nets”:4,“insert_datetime”:“2014-02-10 08:39:42”}

The timestamp is “correct”, although I’m not entirely sure where the time comes from, but the insert_datetime isn’t correct, it’s an hour in the future.

Hi Cie
Apologies for delay, I haven’t seen your reply till now.

Yes we still have the Mysql set like the server with a time UTC+1. So we have a diferent timezone between timestamp (from the smarcitizen kit clock) and insert_datetime (from Mysql). But output on the pages are always calibrated, or at least should.

I’ve tested with some Barcelona based sensor and the graph is well calibrated. Could you give me a link to your sensor ? Is it this one :

If yes it show well on my browser, so it may be a problem of date calibration on JavaScript side.

Please confirm the problem persist (with screenshot if possible) and I will dig deeper the problem.


Hey Alex,

Yes 476 is me, screengrab is at

UTC is UTC, if the server is at UTC+1 then you’ll have to -1 on the webpage for it to show UTC :slight_smile:

Ok data are good,we seems to have a small error on the javascript side. I’ll check and get back to you when fixed.
Thanks for pointing out the bug.