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What about giving power to SC with mobile charger?

Hello, excuse me for my poor English…

I was thinking to give (permanently) power to my smart citizen using a wall mobile charger with micro usb…

Do you think that it would be a good idea?

Could anybody say what would be the necessary specifications? Voltage? mA?

Thanks in advance

Hi @dims,

My SCK has been on a USB power supply for almost a year. I use a 5V, 1A wall charger. I purchased mine from Sparkfun. I’m not sure about the max voltage in-put at the USB, but the kit can use a 17V solar cell to charge the Li battery (and the board has step-down circuitry to control the higher in-put), so it might also have some flexibility for the kind of USB power supply used.

Sparkfun USB Wall Charger

I have’t ever had trouble, and it has been through Summer heat in excess of 100°F and Winter cold below 0°F.


Thanks a lot, Matt! I already did it and it works fine!