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What does the different led activity represent/mean


SmartCitizen Ambient Kit 1.1 - "Kickstarter Board"
Firmware 0.8.6.


What does the different led activity mean? (e.g. yellow led1 and yellow led2, blue led3 and blue led4)
Can we get more documentation on the board and components?

Hi @nfitzpatrick! Yellow LEDs are serial communication indicators. Every time you upload new firmware (or any firmware modifications) these two LEDs blink intermittently. They also blink if you are using Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor to send commands or monitoring your board status/configuration. The blue LEDs are the wireless connection indicators (no light = sleeping, quick blink = waking up and connecting, slow blink = connected and sending data). I hope this helps. Best. :slight_smile:

@aitoraloa what does the quick blink going between blue led3 and blue led4 mean? (Is it connecting or trying to connect?)

@nfitzpatrick: trying to connect!