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What is still wrong with my 320€ (!) SCK?

Dear SCK-Staff,

I fixed many things on my SCK:

  • I put on SCK firmware 0.86 (still BETA!!!)
  • and the Wifly-firmware 4.41
  • tape on the crappy housing
  • fixing the tight battery connector by solder

–> It is still not transmitting data in bright sunlight!!!

I am not amused.
Tell me the truth about your product, now!


Hi Klaus

Your kit was transmitting data some days ago, and you have been extremely helpful with all the comments in the forum, do not understand what is happening now. We tried to explain many times, we are not selling a product but a complete ecosystem of tools.

We can help you further, but do not understand your reaction now



Hi Tomas,

I do think the EU/US laws disagree with what you are selling is not a product but an ecosystem. You ARE selling a product with certain promised features - at least through your kickstarter campaign. Just because it is OPEN SOURCE does not mean it is supposed to be handled with a laissez faire attitude from the founders. If you miscalculated your Kickstarter funds needs and found out you actually needed more money - it is NOT your BACKERs problem.

To be honest - I think you should REFUND everybody until your hardware AND software platforms are stable - and your supported geared to handling “connections” with people.

I have kept quiet for a while - but what I keep seeing from you is NO PROGRESS AT ALL and still support on the support@ email does not even bother to reply and say thanks.

I have wasted so much time on your “idea” (I will not call it a product) that I feel like a stupid ass to even try to help you guys. Money is not the issue - but the complete lack of timely reactions are.

Hello @kaz911, I disagree with the tone you are using, we are responding to many issues coming from the different topics of the forum, even when they are not our fault (as the case with the Microchip faulty firmware). We will send back the working modules to people who suffered the corruption of them, boards are in production (we do not have stock). There is progress being made during the last months in registration, data calibration, stability of the platform, and we will keep doing it.

What I mean on not calling it a product is that we did not “sell” a black box you turn on and use, but a complete ecosystem (a complex one) of tools. I think might be a use of english here, but in the concept of it I was referring to that

We will replace all the boards that are faulty, we said that before. We have worked with all the different issues in the forum, in order to solve them case by case.

Apologies for causing so much frustration, we are on top of most of the issues, with very small infrastructure, we do not live in the Silicon Valley dream, but will keep working on it, and we need your feedback, believe me that there is a strong commitment on making it happen, and we will.

Communication is an issue, I agree, most of us (7 people) are putting lots of energy on this, and we do not have more resources now, but are getting funding soon

We would really appreciate a bit of patience, taking in consideration that we have produced a miracle with little resources, but we are about to get support to increase the team and improve faster on every aspect

once again, APOLOGIES for the lack of engagement with the community