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What should i response to hello?

Hi everyone! In the context of my thesis, i have been developing a MQTT Broker using aedes. My objetive belongs to use the broker as a proxy between a SmartCitizen Kit 2.1 and a REST API. But i have been failing to connect the kit with the broker. Specifically when the Kit send the Hello msg, i’m not receiving that neither know how to handle it.

I’m a software engineer but i don’t have enough experience working with all the IoT stuff. I’m expecting your questions in order to debug the problem and hopefully, solve it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dear David,

Welcome to the community!

The short answer is that the broker handles responses to the device - saying “yes, received” when it receives the “hello”. You, or your program that is listening to the broker for messages, doesn’t need to (and can’t) respond to the device. That’s not the purpose of a broker, as far as I understand, it’s designed to redistribute messages from device to those who desire to ‘listen’ (and have permission potentially - but that’s another thread).

I’ll recommend this thread to you, despite it turning out to be another problem, I outline well my testing methodology to try to get it to MQTT to work.

Perhaps try and replicate some of the relevant MQTT steps and let us know what you find.

Kind regards,