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What's the spec (battery type) for the button-cell for the RTC?

Do you have one or two vendor/part numbers for the Acrobotic button cell holder? Is there a manual that has this data? Thanks in advance.

And what button cell battery should I get for it? The CR2016 and CR2032 that I use for other projects are too big for the SCK. Thanks.

The RTC battery is CR1220

Thank you.

I done by solder a CR2032 battery case to SCK board. CR1220 is really hard to find here and so expensive.

@mangsab: Ja! I would love to see a picture of that! :slight_smile: Where are you!?

The 2.1 Sck does not require a button cell battery for the RTC. Appears to rely upon the main LiPo battery. The time is set automatically by the server in Barcelona to be UTC.