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Which Arduino Board to Select in Arduino CC?

Reference to Smart Citizen Kit V2.1
If I want or need to Compile the ‘Arduino’ part of the firmware, which ‘Board’ do I select in the Arduino CC application ?

What other packages (“Libraries”) [3rd party] do I need to compile/build the ‘Arduino’ part of the firmware ? These appear to be not part of the Smart Citizen github repository.
I refer to maybe Seeed OLED, Adafruit BME680 packages…

Cheers !

Hi Bryn,

The compilation method we recomed for the SAMD21 chip is with platformio, you can read about the process in this guide. Keep us posted if you find any trouble!


Yes. I found that when I started to read the docs more thoroughly. Its happening as we speak. The dependencies are also listed there. :wink:

The board is a arduino zero, found somewhere else in the docs.