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Wi-fi network config problems


I’m trying to add my wi-fi details to my SCK 1.1 Smart Citizen device using the web interface. The details are being added, but my 18 character wi-fi password keeps being saved with a ‘p’ character replacing the last character, which shows when I try reconfiguring the device and it shows the previously added details.

What might be causing this?

Hi @alexhillel, reviewing the firmware we have seen that it is written to accept 32 character passwords but for some strange reason it only works stably until 16 characters. It might be a bug! We will try to reproduce this same error here but we can not confirm yet it if the problem is in the kit or in the web config tool. Please, stay tuned for further information about this issue. I will get back to you with solution as soon as we find were is the bug. Best.

Hi again @alexhillel, we have already fixed the characters limit issue. Download the sck_beta_v0_9 folder in the link you have below (mdeheras is one of our developers) and use the sck_beta_v0_9.ino file to add your details to the SCK as you did previously. Then you should be able to configure your kit correctly in our platform using the Smart Uploader. Please, let us know how it goes so we can make a push commit to Smart Citizen Kit’s master brunch in GitHub. Best.