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Wifi conection not working to web


We are trying to connect to wifi in a school. The wifi as a MAC blocking, so we already get permissions for the MAC of the board.
But, when we try to do the start process it never connect. ¿There is any other port or MAC that need permissions?



What type of network is it? (WPA, WEP, etc). More info here

As for the ports, here are the ones we use: FAQ - Smart Citizen Docs

You can also change them using the shell - Using the Shell - Smart Citizen Docs

Let us know if it works!

Does your school have an IT technical support person on staff, full time or part time ? (Or perhaps they are available by phone ?)

You can ask them if the school network has a firewall arrangement that might prevent an outbound exchange of data with a remote server using MQTT/IP protocol.

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

We have try thing, but still is not working.

The IT technical support person, told me this:

  1. It was verified in the firewall that there are no restrictions to the internet exit for the MAC of the SCK equipment.
  2. The problem is that they are not getting IP from DHCP (wifi AP).
  • A cleaning was made in the modification of IPs of the DHCP Server.
  • Lease Time changed from 259200 (3 days) to 86400 (1 day)
    3 Check:
  • That the configuration of the SCK is to obtain automatic IP and not fixed IP.

¿Any idea to help us?

SCK 2 works with the kind of DHCP found in domestic Wifi routers. But it’s likely that’s not what you have in the school which would have professional level equipment.

You can check if DHCP is working on the SCK via the Ui via the config command. If it displays a valid IP address within the range of the a Wifi router then it’s working. Use the help command to get the syntax.

If it’s not working then…
(I think) It’s possible to configure the SCK 2 I think with a fixed IP Address You would need to access the UI of SCK and read off the Mac Address to give to your IT administrator allowing him to manually configure a Mac<>IP allocation in a range that is separate to the DHCP range. Then load the IP he gives you into the SCK.

you can then try out the Mqtt hello command to see if the SCK can talk to the server in Barcelona.

@oscgonfer might want to just check/correct what I’ve put here because I’m uncertain, not having run into this situation myself.

The other thing you might do here is go “outside the box” and try to set up your mobile phone to share its mobile data (not wifi) connection.
Configure the SCK to talk to the phone as though it’s a wifi router.

I did try this out once (a long time ago) and it worked.

This will allow you to confirm that in fact the kit is able to publish data via wifi, independent of your school’s wifi network. It’s a confidence test but there are obvious issues with using it for very long.

But once you have confidence that the kit can work then you have some ammunition to discuss with your IT Support and see if they will help you out more than they have done so far.

Please note that I have heard there can be issues connecting the SCK via some corporate wifi. I’m hoping that’s not the issue you are experiencing here.